The Firehouse Community Development Corporation successfully transitions our targeted minority young groups and their families into the mainstream community as contributing members of society. Here is your opportunity to Make A Difference because we need your help to continue excellent and meaningful work. Your support allows us to provide the many benefits that the youth, young adults, and their families receive, from making their communities safe through crisis intervention to ensuring that they have access to quality healthcare, equity in the education system, and economic stability, to name a few benefits.

The Firehouse team does not sit on the sidelines; we mobilize. Our trained mobile outreach team observes parks, community centers, and neighborhoods in search of loitering minority youth or any youth that may need our support. Once the youth and young adults have been identified, the team begins to build and develop relationships to recruit these individuals into the Firehouse program. It is the goal of the Firehouse to "Ignite Youth for Success" and provide them with the necessary skills to be productive members of our community.