The Firehouse Community Development Corporation services are a holistic approach to identifying youth and young adults that are High Risk, At-Risk, impacted youth, and intentional youth and provide transformational and lifestyle wellness approaches to them, their families, and communities. We confront systemic barriers, inequities, inequalities, social injustices, justice, employment bias, and educational stigmas amongst minority youth.

Community Intervention

Mediation/Crisis Intervention

FCDC resolves gang conflicts and the prevention of violence in neighborhoods. We help to implement an immediate course of action and a safe redirection plan.

Rap Sessions

Consists of individual or small process group discussions. Build on the relational theory approach youth are given an opportunity to speak from the heart, build trust and establish a healthy relationship with staff and peers

Tattoo Removal Program

Clients reach a decision point where they have made bad decisions and want to disassociate themselves from gang affiliations. In collaboration with the City of San Jose Gang Tattoo Removal Program (up to 25 years old). The clients are referred to the program, assessed, and upon approval they are referred to Valley Medical Hospital which removes gang-affiliated tattoos safely by doctors.

Economic Stability & Outreach

The FCDC team is committed to assisting young people to become responsible, self-reliant, and self-sufficient in all aspects of life and dependable contributors to their families and community. 

  • Food Securities
  • Job/Employment
  • Addressing Poverty
  • Housing Stability
  • Social Wellness
  • Higher educational equity
  • Reskill Development
  • Transportation Resources

Work Experience Placement (New Program Launch 2020)

Due to Covid-19, many students experienced financial impacts on family incomes. Firehouse created this program to assist students with job placement. Employers such as Target, Work to the Future, and Airport Union.

Economic Stability in Technology for Minority Youth

Firehouse Tech Program: Launch 2023

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Youth and Young Adult Training Program by Silicon Valley USTEC partnership
  • Information Technology Training Program Youth & Young Adult KOACHIT Technology Education LLC

Firehouse Co-Ed Technology Program

Parenting & Healthcare

Many of our participants are young parents. Therefore, our services are not limited to youth but a holistic approach that serves them and their families with overall health and wellness resources to thrive. Our Family Parenting Program gives participants practical tools and skills from certified family life specialists on the basic principles for creating and maintaining a healthy family.

  • Access to quality healthcare, health insurance coverage, and health literacy
  • Strengthen family relationships
  • Develop practical skills for family living
  • Enable families to function supportively
  • Keys for blended families
  • Communication skills

Leadership Development

The objective of FCDC is to empower youth with the essential skills to make critical decisions that will shape their future.

Social and Community Connection

Pro Social/Recreation

We believe that exposing youth to new atmospheres will give them a positive perspective on life. Field trips such as camping, the Academy of Science Museum, professional football and baseball games, Tech companies-Cisco, Adobe, Lams Research, NASA, Tech Museum, deep sea fishing, etc.

Community Wellness Services

Provides rewarding opportunities for youth to give back to their communities. Youth assist at community outreaches, and resource booths, tutor children, feed the needy, and may be asked to speak at schools and share their testimony

Community Volunteerism

Youth are given an opportunity to participate in community events and implement their newly gained skills.

Educational Wellness


FCDC offers a second, third, and fourth… chance challenge for adjudicated youth. We train, educate and mentor youth, empowering them to re-enter their community with confidence and hope for a better future.

4 or More F’s Academic Improvement Program

  • Attendance
  • Social Interaction
  • Academic Progress
  • Tutoring (as needed)
  • Graduation Readiness
  • Employment Readiness

Case Management

An individual plan of action is developed for each youth. Goals are established, and resources are available to meet their immediate needs. Case Management may include but is not limited to school issues, meeting with probation officers, medical needs, housing, and food.

Emergency COVID Services

The Firehouse follows the guidelines established by the CDC and local healthcare departments.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Statement

We prioritize building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization to ensure all feel welcome at FCDC. Our policy and practice are to value everyone from all backgrounds, races, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, and socioeconomic backgrounds. No matter who you are or where you come from, you have a purpose, and your life experiences and choices can help others. Our board and staff come from different backgrounds but share a passion for helping the community thrive. Our differences make us more equipped as a team; we can reach more.

Firehouse Community Development Corporation is committed to our Strategic DEI Plan. The Bay Area and Central Valley communities are incredibly diverse, and our organization's makeup represents that diversity allowing FCDC to serve the community better.

We create an inclusive, equitable, and supportive atmosphere in our organization. FCDC DEI achievement is daily self-awareness to ensure everyone is treated equitably, equally, and inclusive in the workplace and in serving our community in that commitment to the DEI initiative and goals. FCDC believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are not a destination; it is a way of life and a commitment by our board, leadership, and staff to maintain our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, to all humanity.